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  • Victorxeniapostmissoniexhibitionmain

    Stripes and zigzags: fashion brand Missoni’s links to modern art

    Exhibition at Fashion and Textile Museum in London takes an eclectic trip through the Italian label’s six-decade history. There will be a pyramid of mannequins similar to this one at Maga, Gallarate. Photograph: Roberto Marossi/Missoni…
  • LordJohnTopFoto

    Carnaby Street – Embodiment of the Swinging Sixties

    Before the 60’s changed the fashion scene in London, Carnaby Street was a run-down area with cheap properties at the quieter end of Soho. Carnaby Street’s fate was changed by a fire, that forced John…
  • Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes

    The “behind the scenes” of our latest photo-shoot is finally out!
  • 108109159

    1960s Fashion Icons: Meet 25 Women Who Shaped The Swinging Decade

    We chart the style icons and key trends that influenced the 1960s fashion scene… From Brigitte Bardot’s beehive to Mary Quant’s geometric prints, every 1960s fashion icon contributed their own signature style to the decade.…
  • header1

    Who’s Next And Premiere Classe Facilitating The Future Of Fashion

    NJAL presents The Future of Fashion Program in collaboration with Who’s Next and Premiere Classe in Paris, following the phenomenal success of its previous edition. The holy trinity that is Who’s Next, Premiere Classe and…
  • Biography of Mary Quant

    Sleeveless dress, Mary Quant, England, 1960. Museum no. T.27-1997 ‘What ready-to-wear does today, the couturiers -even the Paris couturiers- confirm tomorrow. It has happened several times already. I think it will go on happening.’ Quant…

    The History of Color Blocking

    Often the term “color blocking” is thrown amidst the sentences of fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Color blocking is a stylish way of wearing your garments. No, it’s not some complicated algorithm, but do it wrong, and…

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